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What would happen if you let a piece of furniture grow on its own?
Investigating how nature adapts to its surroundings, I set out to explore how furniture would look if it adapted to its surroundings. Since humans are the furniture's surroundings, I wanted to portray our behavior, wants and needs.

Based on a classic tale of the human life. How we grow from being alone to finding a partner, and making two lives one, eventually bringing up new life, was something that gave me an interesting approach to base a furniture project on.
Two chairs grown together to make one, still evolving sofa. The distinctive details are grown after the needs of the people that surround the sofa. When looking at a tree you do not see any growth at that particular moment, just like a photography caught in time, you know the story keeps growing.

Throughout these five years of University, I had not until now, made a comprehensive furniture project. With this in mind, I wanted to learn how to build and upholster furniture, and give it a personality that fit with my way of designing.
The sofa is built and upholstered using traditional methods. Wood for the seat frame, legs and support for the back. A steel-wire frame upholds the backrest. Using only natural materials for the upholstery.




Looking at how nature adapts to its surroundings.

There was once a person
standing all alone
tired to stand, sat down
bored, wanted to recline and read a book
one day another person came into the picture
they came closer to each other
lived together, and started up a new life as one

The concept: furniture that adapts to its surroundings, our wants and needs.

The still growing sofa. Caught in time just like a photograph.

A table have grown, like a tree mushroom.

The legs in the middle, from the single chairs, have grown away to new functions, but still shows traces from the origin.

The lamp is grown from a back peg, and is blue inside to activate our minds. The chord clings like a climbing plant.

Still growing, legs fading away to make room for new seat.

The back.

The back pegs attached to the seat frame.

Underneath, showing the upholstery, only natural materials.

The origin of growth.

Gustav Segerstéen © 2011